Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dear Bella

On 6th june 2016, bella passed away. She had been our loving and loyal pet dog for the past 3 yrs at O-campus.
This is a letter to her.

My loving, Darling Bella,

I have just started learning to drive. This poem is metaphorically about your death.

Behind the wheel, wind in the face
Music playing, all iz well.
Unexpectedly it appears
No one sees, no one cares.
It too late now, brakes don't help.
The car jumps over the bump
Chaos in the car...
O my dear, i left a piece of my heart
In the bump behind over there.

Your death was like that speed breaker on the road. It happened so unexpectedly. No one had seen it coming resulting in chaos in our hearts.
My heart aches when I think of the loss. When i think of you, I think of all the beautiful memories that we created together.
I remember seeing you for the first time at the animal shelter, you fitting right in my lap on the car ride home. You as a young puppy enjoying your days, learning to bark, fighting and playing. Your belly swelling up after u finished eating ur food:)

You came along with Smiley and Pepper. You three were my first pet dogs. I found deep connection with u and u were part of our Aarohi family
We lost smiley after around one year. For some reason, losing her was gradual so it was easier for me to accept.And maybe I still have hope in my heart that she is alive and healthy and happy wherever she is. I lost u unexpectedly. Now pepper is left alone. I wonder how he feels. Everytime I see him, I search for you bella. I promise you bella, I will take care of pepper while u r gone..

Bella you taught me to be loving, to be gentle and friendly to everyone. Doesn't matter if the person is a stranger, big or small.
You taught me that when u meet a loved one u have been separated from for a long time(or short) embrace them with full love.
You taught me not to judge people based on their behaviour, just because behaviour is bad that doesn't make the person bad and that all relationships don't work out. (We lost smiley because you and smiley had a bad relationship. You used to treat smiley very badly and eventually u drove smiley out.)
You taught me to listen to everyone but when u want something smile and go ahead with ur way.
You taught me many more things and I thank u for being part in shaping my teenage days...

Your death was yet another reminder for me that death is natural,  it's part of the cycle. You once again reinforced the fact that change is the only thing permanent in life. While driving our car on the road, speed bumps will come. Also even though you're driving your own life, the road also plays a role in shaping your car ride. Death is part of life. Any death doesn't do much to the person died because she or he is gone, but the people around, attached to him suffer.

I miss u bella, I miss u sooo much. I will always remember u. I am sure Pepper misses you a lot too.
Bella u were loved by a lot of people and everyone griefed your death in their own ways and we will always miss u.

“Even though I know you are in a better place but i still wish i could see your face. I know you are where you need to be, even though you are not here with me. I miss you, i miss your smile and i still shed a tear every once in awhile. Even though it's different now, you are still here somehow. And i need you to know I miss you. “    


  1. Hard to let go.... Wish to see her once and hug her and tell 'i love you'. Her death is unbelievable dream. I didn't know I was so attached to her. Each memory bring tear.

  2. Hard to let go.... Wish to see her once and hug her and tell 'i love you'. Her death is unbelievable dream. I didn't know I was so attached to her. Each memory bring tear.

  3. So well written Asawari...departure does bring grief...but memories of the departed help us live the rest of our lives.

  4. It's still schoking how she passed ! She was part of our community and same hard to let go also pepper would be deeply sad ! Sorry I wasn't there!! Bella miss u ( RIP)