Saturday, 6 July 2013

My future is in my hand

 My future is in my hand not in my 10th exam certificate
Hi, I am asawari, I am 14 yrs and I am not appearing for the 10th exam
I dont see purpose in 10th exam because it dont think it will help me in my future.
Thats why i dont see a point in wasting my effort in studying (mugging up stuff), when i have lots of other things to put effort in.
So then whats my plan for my future; Well
At  this point i don't think i can decide my future, I can only think about my present. My focus is to live my day with full fun and enrichment and not worry about tomorrow.Each moment is precious, cherish it.
My future is in my hand and I will make it the way i want and i am confident that i am capable and i don't see a reason to worry or ponder about it now.
Sometimes I do think that if the world is doing so much of preparation for their future am i missing out something and will I regret my decision in future but i know I am not alone and my parents and friends are with me because they have faith in me and my decisions. I know all my decisions are my decisions and i accept them.

I have many interest in many things like Art, craft and other fine motor skills, Dancing and cooking. I love reading and working/playing with children(all ages). I love doing many things and i do it everyday but i don't see them as a career choice. I don't think i have that much interest that i can put all my devotion into it and cherish it. I find traveling the world around and meeting different people exciting and adventurous( even though I feel shy/nervous around new people). I find it something unusual.

I enjoy reading History, Culture ,knowing  about different kind of people and different places. When i read about a place, I want to go there, see the place, taste the food, feel the weather and experience the culture instead of just reading about it. At this point i want to travel the world but that doesn't mean my future is defined or my career choice is made. I am ready to experiment with my life,career and not get bound to something. I want to be free.

People ask what do you want to become when you grow up? I don't want to become somebody i want to be me. I don't want to constrain myself to one career. I want to explore different choices before constraining myself to one. I want to experience and then decide what i want to put my whole effort in. I am not certain about my future but i am 100% of my present and at this point that is enough for me.

My mother wrote on her blog about her journey with me 
My little daughter, who is 14 yrs now, came to me one day and asked “will you be Ok If I choose to do many many different kinds of work and move from one work to another till I find the passion. Currently I do not want to devote my life to one work, like I like dance/art/travel but do not want to spend all my energies into it or like you are completely devoted to Aarohi, I know I can devote, but I want to explore more before I decide to devote my life for one passion. If require will you financially support me?
We both smiled and she went away jumping.

To read more (there is more to her blog! ) go to

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