Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Does god exist?

Does God Exist ?

I have been surrounded by the concept of god all my life. I questioned the belief of god and decided I do not believe in god. I am a atheist. I accept people who believe in god (theist) but I do not agree with the concept. 

I explored the subject of philosophy. I saw videos on different topics of philosophy. The videos had very different and new vocabulary. Many videos I did not completely understand and couldn't create sense out of it.

 I saw a video on belief of god. It was an argument in favor that god doesn't exist. The video was interesting, I got a new perspective on my belief doesn't exist. 

Yet I found an counter argument and I am left with the thought, does god exist or not.
 I have not changed my belief but I am pondering over it. I found the video interesting and new to see it 
presented in an argument form.

 I guess some questions are meant to be open ended and have no right answer.         

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