Monday, 13 October 2014

Music Week

From 6th Oct to 10th Oct I explored music with musicians and my peers.This is about my experience and learning in the week.

I've listened to Kabir music before but I wasn't able to relate to the music. I dint understand the meaning and i used to get bored when I went for concerts with my parents. When Deepa Aunty came ot campus , I connected with Kabir music and bhagans for the first time. When I understood the meaning of the bhagan, the philosophy struck me. I really enjoyed signing the kabir bhagans. The music caught me.
I always have enjoyed playing percussion instruments. I played various instruments and I enjoyed feeling the rhythm. I think my sense of catching rhythm improved.I played basic rhytms but as I played along with others, it was joyful.
The chanting that I did daily was peaceful. I felt nice to feel peace within me.
I listened to the violin play. I felt mesmerized with the music of the violin.I tried playing the violin it was difficult. They.They were other interesting instruments. I loved the Ocean drum. The motion and sound of the drum was very beautiful.
I listened to a lecture on classical music. I felt bored and couldn't relate to the music.
I saw a movie on tribal music around the world. The movie was new and nice.The name of the movie was “Latrom drom”

Overall this week i listen to new music . I enjoyed music and appreciated it. I dint learn anything Quantitative but the experience of listening to new music was a learning.The song of the week was “Matkar Maya ko enkhar”, A kabir's bhagan. The rhythm and tune is beautiful. I would like to take the experience of new music ahead in my life.

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