Thursday, 16 October 2014

Team work

Working in teams is quite fun.
When I played team games, the synergy that game brought out when we played was really nice. I could feel happiness in the air when we were playing all together. I could see how I could play with all ages of children and I was able to co-operate with all.
What is trusting your team members? I think it means trusting that your team member is capable of doing the task. Your team member will ask when they need help. When I told myself this, I wasn't checking on my team members and I felt more confident on the task. I knew I had to just play my role and together everything will happen.
I felt that commitment came quite naturally to me and my team members when all were willing to do the task.
When I planned and strategize, I saw to that all team members were able contribute to the task.
Utilization of strengths 
Utilization of strengths came naturally but i did not consciously work on using my team members strengths. 
I explored debate, I really enjoyed debating. I categorized my thoughts on the topic in Fact, Opinion and Judgement. I saw that debating has a lot to do with listening to your team members and the opponent team members. To understand their thoughts and to work together to conclude the topic. The topics that I debated with my peers was quite interesting for me. We debated " whether the punishment of death is fair ". I am also excited to debate on " which gender is more complicated " next week.

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