Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Kitchen Gardening - Growing Chilies

13th Oct 2014
I felt the earth on my feet, my hands felt the stones,mud and grass. I felt connected to the earth below my feet. I felt connected to the soil that keeps me alive. I was growing chilly.
I felt as thought the chilly seeds i was going to plant were babies, and i was preparing and nurturing the soil. I was making the soil ready to embrace the chilly seeds.
I really enjoyed preparing the chilly bed and then planting the seeds. I felt fresh to wake up in the morning. after working i felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I liked using my hands as a tool to work in the land.
When I planted the chilly seeds, I felt very happy. I talked with each chilly seed. While planting I couldn't help but feel optimistic about the future.
I could imagine the bed full of chilly plants. I could see myself harvesting lots of chilies. I saw the kitchen using the chilies from the garden and not having to buy any chilies from the market. a huge grin was spread across my face. I am excited to grow with the chilies, to grow different variety of chilies. Even thought I am not a fan of chilies.

30th Oct 2014
The chilly have sprouted. I am soooooooooooooo happy :). The small green leaves on the ground look so beautiful. To another it not be beautiful but to a me sprouting plant is the most beautiful i have seen.

Full grown chilly patch. Cultivating chilies and chiles and chilies

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