Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Sea Shell

A sea shell is a beautiful thing. I always feel amazed when I see a sea shell. I have compared myself with a sea shell, a sea shell that has a white pearl in it  and the shell is colorful and beautiful ( I know oyster gives pearls but this is my imagination).

When I wake up late in the morning my days starts of bumpy like the edges of the shell. I am unable to do what I have planned and I feel dissapointed in myself.
I was close minded like a closed sea shell when i had to accept my peers behavior. I let " others behavior disturb my inner peace".
After doing my morning chores and cleaning everything. i feel satisfied. My work looks like the shiny surface of the sea shell.
I enjoyed playing the piano. while playing the piano and teaching my peers i felt like the pearl in the shell. I felt precious and unique.
After playing a energetic sports I feel myself radiating happiness like a shining pearl in the shell.

Sometimes when I work,  I achieve only one thing or I just get one things like every shell has only one pearl. They don't achieve many pearls like i dint achieve many pearls in maths
A sea shell has a clear goal, The Pearl, but I don't have a centric goal like the sea shell. My goals are like how the shell lets the water around it carry it with the flow.
"Which Gender is more complicated", I debated with my peers on this topic. The debate was very interesting. A sea shell has two shells but both are equal. Only when both are together they can close the pearl and protect it . Like that male and female are two shells. They both are same. Neither is more complicated. Both are equal but each are different.

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