Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Dig For Gold

If I was told that there is treasure buried in my backyard. I would dig for the treasure. While digging I would find mud, stone, organic matter, insects. I would also find murk, maybe a decaying animal or a decaying shoe. 

There are two ways to look at this story.

1. Every person has treasure in them. If I let the person's weakness or mistakes come in my way, distract me, make me look at the weakness instead of the strengths then i would not find the treasure. If I let the murk and decaying matter come in my way, if I don't throw it aside, I will stray away from digging for the treasure. I will not get treasure. I look at others and myself as treasure, I throw aside the the murk and look for the treasure.
( The story and thought my father told, the above is my interpretation of it)

2. If I was told I would find lots of gold in my backyard then I would focus on the gold and ignore the mud, stone, organic matter and insects I find. To me the mud is the gold. Mud supports my whole life and it is treasure. The same way If I look only for a perfect being or what I want in the other person, I will ignore all the gold that already exists in the person.

I want to dig for gold in people around me. Acknowledge the gold they possess and gain from their treasure. Learn from them. I want to throw away all the murk and decaying matter.

The murk and decaying matter decays and turns into organic matter and mud. It turns into treasure. The compost is treasure for plants and plants are treasure for me.

If I decay my weaknesses and change them, they will turn into compost, Into treasure. 
Others weaknesses can also change. I can give feedback but not let the murk come in my way of looking at the gold. Giving feedback is adding dry leaves to the compost pit but giving instructions is adding water in the compost pit (bad for compost)!

Let me dig for Gold!

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