Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Self Images

I reflected on Images I have about myself and how they affect me?

What happens when I make a mistake?
I know making mistakes in fine, everyone makes them. When I make a mistake, I don't accept it. I try to justify it or blame on someone. Sometimes i even blame it on a in-animated object. I want to own up my mistakes and accept them. I am working with awareness.

What happens when I compare myself with others?
Do I consider myself beautiful?
I think this Image has formed when I compare myself with others. This Image is not helping me.

Do I think science is difficult and I don't know science?
I get frustrated easily when I am doing science experiment. I am working of making a electrical circuit. I have very limited knowledge and soon i got frustrated as my circuit was not working.

Do I think the same for maths?
I find maths difficult.

I think I am a responsible person, what happens when I am not responsible or I don't want to be responsible, do I push myself to live up to the image?
I push myself to live up to my Image of myself. Being responsible is a positive thing and so pushing myself to live up to the image is benefiting myself.

Do I have a image that I am very caring towards pets?
This is a positive image. I think at times it constrains me and pushes me to live up to the image. I think its a good thing.

Does acceptance of ability means not moving ahead?
In sports I accepted that I have low stamina and I am not good in sports. After accepting I pushed myself to run more.

Does some images make me doubt myself, make me nervous and not confident?
I doubt myself when I cook. I have a image that I don't know how to cook. When cooking I am apprehensive.

Getting up late is wrong?
When I wake up late, later than others I feel guilty and dissapointed with myself.  I feel its wrong.

How my images affect my dreams and fears?
I have a image that I am not good at interacting with others and connecting with people, therefore it affects my dreams. 

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