Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How all I learn

I learn everyday. How all do I learn. I learn by many different ways.

I signed up for a newsletter that gives me tips about gardening weekly.
Daily reflection is helpful. this blog itself was a result of a reflection and discussion.
People - Learning
Praveen Uncle took a 1hr Fitness training session and i learned about my body. I really enjoyed doing fitness exercises.
Asking Feedback
I take feedback for my blogs.
I experienced groundnut harvesting.
Visiting Places
I visited a farm and looked around and learned some stuff about gardening.
I tried making sweet corn soup but I failed and I know what mistakes I made.
I debated on 10th exam, whether  it is important or not and I got clarity on my decisions and few insights

Some of the other ways are
Doing it in different ways, 
Exploring, Let go, Reading, Books, Talking, Discussing, Teaching, Sharing, Helping, People - Listening, 
People - Asking, People - Working, 
Being with it, Practice, Visualize, Videos, Observing,Questioning,Doing,Experiments

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