Wednesday, 3 December 2014

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Do you Eat to Live or Live to Eat ?

In 4th std I was taught about balance diet. My teacher taught me a lot about food and nutrition. For some reason that lesson has stayed with me. Even thought I know about food and nutrition , I did not bring change in my diet.
 For the past few weeks I have brought out change in my food schedule and diet, thanks to my mother. I am eating more fruits and raw vegetables. My meals are more balanced. 
I am also enjoyed exploring different ingredients, grains and trying new recipes. I even learnt to cook few dishes.The whole experience of understanding food is nice.  I am more aware of the food I am eating and I am liking the taste of healthy food.

In April, 8 months ago I decided to stop drinking Coke and other fizzy soft drinks. This is something my teacher in 4th std had told me to do. I don't know if it is affecting my body, I see no changes in me but I feel nice. I feel good about myself. I am able to control whenever people around me drink and I do not feel pity for myself.


I did yoga everyday in the morning this week ( four days). I did it after my parents questioned my lack of physical exercise. I have been exposed to yoga long back and even remember my mother forcing me to do yoga everyday when I was young. It dint last long and I never was able to push my exercise session more few days. I think exercise is very difficult and not at all fun. I am fine without without exercise.
This week I have decided to do Yoga everyday. I am determined and optimistic to keep this exercise plan alive for a long time. Only if I do everyday, I will see changes in my body. 
To do this I changed my way of looking at exercise. I know I am doing it to care for my body and take care of my health. I even enjoyed doing yoga in the morning. While doing it i felt connected to my body. 

Every Tuesday I do fitness training for one hour. It is very fun and enriching. I have learnt a lot about my body and fitness. We do aerobics and I really enjoy doing dance. 
On Tuesday I did fitness training and the next day I woke up with thigh pain. This made me realize my body is not fine without exercise. My body need me to do exercise. Only if i take care I will be fine.

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