Thursday, 15 January 2015

Discipline and problems

I was part of the discipline committee at campus this week . The journey of helping the community in discipline was different for me. I don't know if I was able to help others but I definitely helped myself.

On day 1 I was very excited. I was of the mind set I have to solve all the community's problem. I started solving problems by giving my gyan. I told people what I thought is right.
It had been decided that the committee will operate through ' no images ' and empowering. I did not quite understand that and that's why the first day went down hill.
When I was in the discipline committee I felt responsible and important. I felt nice to contribute to the community.
If x has hit y, I instantly think that what x did was wrong. When I interact with them, My images anout the two people come with me. Before I listen to them i have decided who was wrong and who was right.
If I want to be neutral to x and y, I need to put aside my image of those people. I don't need to scold x for hitting, I don't need to put my personal opinion into it. I can empower y to take care of self.
I am not responsible for anyone problems. It is not my role to solve others problems. It is not even my role to help that person. It is my role to empower that person to be able to solve their own problems. Listening and acknowledging the person is important.
What about me - to solve my problems I can start looking inside me rather than depending on others to help me.
I can start looking at my problems as learning opportunities rather than troubles.
By being in the discipline committee, I have got a new perspective to look at my problems, a new way to support others.

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