Thursday, 22 January 2015

Maths and me

Maths was never my favourite subject in school. I used to struggle in school to cope up . I used to memorise the procedure to solve the problems.  I lacked conceptual understanding. I was unable to connect maths to my day to day life.
When I started Home Schooling, I did maths through NCRT books, the book brought some fun in maths. When I did maths along with my dad, maths started making more sense to me.

Overall my beliefs on maths is
Maths is Tough.
I not mathematically intelligent
I am terrible at maths.
These beliefs result in me having low confidence in maths.
I get scared and blocked up when a maths problem is thrown on me.
Due to hatred towards maths, I do not work much on maths, I try to avoid doing maths.

Now I have started doing maths everyday for one hour. I take up a topic, read about it in textbook, do practice sums, connect to real life. I ask my peers to check my sums. When I don't understand I take help. Once I feel confident in one topic, I move on to the next topic.
Currently I am working on volume. I connected to real life, by measuring volume of a bowl and glass. also volume of a water tank at my home.

My objective is to get friendly with maths, get confident in maths, learn and practice the basic mathematical concepts i need to know for my day to day life.

Due to doing maths everyday, I am feeling good about myself.
I thank my Mother and Father for pushing me to do maths and supporting me to learn maths.
I am very happy that I am being open to maths now and working on breaking my own beliefs.

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