Monday, 2 February 2015

Socio - Emotional Responses

My understanding on what is Socio - emotional responses : It is an ability to express in a social environment. It is how I respond in emotional situations and when my needs are not met. I have awareness of my responses to others . I respond appropriately and with sensitivity. I settle any issue that I have with the concerned person and not talk about person to someone else. I use vocabulary to communicate discomfort with others. It is needed to have harmony. It is not controlling my emotions or not listening to others responses. The response can be verbal or through actions

I am at the awareness level. I am aware of the different responses I give. Usually the awareness comes after I have responded. Sometimes the awareness of my responses come after some time. At many situations my response is insensitive and inappropriate. I feel guilty after I respond badly.

The next stage for me is to become aware of my responses before I respond. Also I want to use more diverse vocabulary when expressing.

I want to be aware of responses because I want to be able to express myself in a way that the other person is not hurt by my expression. Being aware of my responses is helping me to understand myself. I am becoming aware of the images and expectations I have for the other person.
I want to respond appropriately to have harmony in the community.

I am not exhibiting instant change in my responses, but I am aware and I am reflecting on them. I feel more connected to myself with the awareness.

I also want to accept myself when I respond insensitively.  I should not put down myself when I express badly but I should work on responding appropriately.

At lot of situations I am more aware of my responses when I am outside my home. I loose control of my consciousness at home.

The journey to explore socio - emotional responses and understand myself is quite interesting.

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