Monday, 2 February 2015

Learning Kannada

I am born in Bangalore, I have lived there for 13 years but I do not know Kannada.
In school, for two years I studied Kannada by force yet I did not learn Kannada.

After shifting to O - Campus I started my journey to learn Kannada.
I did not use any book or resource. It was not even my intention to learn Kannada.
I learnt basic words of Kannada by working with people.
I can now speak broken Kannada and I can understand little bit.

I now want to became fluent in speaking Kannada and even attempt to learn to read and write Kannada.
I want to learn using songs,stories, books and people. I am even interested to do a online course.
I decided that I want to learn Kannada two weeks ago but till now I haven't done anything. I am still at the same level as before:(.

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