Friday, 27 February 2015


I am a roti, you may know who I am.
Currently I reside in the aarohi community kitchen.
A girl is rolling me and she looks tired. I know why she looks tired, this must the 40th roti she is rolling. You see there are a lot of people in the community.

I remember when she was younger, she used to make me in odd shapes. She was unable to roll me into a round. She would get frustrated at times, saying my mother can roll you properly but I can't.
Now look at me, I am a perfect round and I can see the smile of satisfaction on her face.
I get cooked on the hot gas and land in a boys plate. I can see that the girl is happy that she is able to serve hot food to all her friends.

You see it is her responsibility in the kitchen. and she takes her responsibility very seriously. She decided to cook rotis. I feel delighted that she choose me.

Oh! I remember the time she rolled me into Aloo Parathas . Then she realized that I am not sufficient so she rolled into some onion Parathas. She got worried that still the food is not enough so she rolled me into some methi parathas. Oh! How I laughed at her, she was so confused on quanity and had to do a lot of problem solving.

She decided for next week to use some data collection and analysis to come out with a way so the quantities are  more accurate. I glad she did that. After all I get tired getting kneaded again and again.

She is confident in making me but I know she has her own apprehension in cooking other things. Yet she enjoys cooking and is getting better at it day by day.

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