Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Accountant Of Aarohi

I am the Accountant of Aarohi. I have been doing it for the past 3 years. I started with doing a small part of the work and then this year I took over the complete work. Bonus is that this year I am also getting paid to do the work.
I took up this responsibility to learn and understand accounting.

Accounting has also taught me commitment and responsibility. Many many times I have fallen back of my deadlines, at times even failed to complete the work. I learnt to take responsibility of the work, of the mistakes I make and the lack of work. It also works on my ability to concentrate on a task. At times the accounts are not fun and then it gets difficult to concentrate.
At times I push the work of accounts and don't complete it as per schedule, then I have to put extra efforts to complete the job.

There is not too much maths involved accounting, its the use of basic applications. The main thing is the logical thinking and keeping your books in a proper manner.
I went to visit the chartered accountant of Aarohi. I felt so small compared to the knowledge uncle had and the efficiency in which he was able to do his work.

I feel proud about myself, I feel capable of doing work.

Since now this academic year is coming to an end, I am working on a continuous basis for the past two weeks.

At times I need to take help of my Father, I haven't yet understood completely about accounts but I feel confident about the work I am doing.

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