Saturday, 21 March 2015

Increasing my vocabulary

If I mix water and mud vigorously, it would take time for the mud to settle down. I was the mud this week. Slowly settling but within myself bustling with life.
After a astonishing and interesting trip to Lucknow, I thought I will relax and continue exploring what the trip had ignited. Inevitably that's not what happened. I did some other stuff.

Vocabulary : I decided to work on my English vocabulary this week. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the ample number of languages in the world. Also how each one are exclusive in themselves. I get this strange desire to grasp many languages. I feel poor to know only 2 languages. After reflection I came to the realization that before wanting to learn more languages, let me go deep into English. Let me embrace English and Hindi. Right now I am swimming the surface. I am astonished with the ample number of words in English. How for every little thing there is a word.
What is more fun for me is to play around with the new words I am learning. To use the words randomly and just embrace the words.,

Also to increase my vocabulary, I am trying to read different kind of books,pushing myself to go beyond the novels I read, to get  exposure of a different vocabulary.

Internet Usage: I have used Internet since my existence but if I take a pause and think – What is Internet? I don't know the answer. I realized how illiterately I am benefiting from the Internet. I don't know about Internet, how it comes to me and how can I utilize it.
Internet safety - I don't know what is a virus but I have been ignorant about it. Will I only wake up when my device is crashed? I wrote down some questions regarding Internet, Its usage and Internet safety. I am going to research about it. I am going to push myself and research not only through books and net but I am going to be talking to people, people who have experience in this field. I think that things like cyber bullying and hacking is somewhere far in the outside world, There is less chance of it happening to me. If I notice, in my day to day life, the teasing,making fun of other and gossiping is equally tormenting. How can I first make my own environment safe? If I am emotionally safe and i am keeping people around me safe then I can face Internet bullying. Again I have been very ignorant towards Internet safety. Will I wait for a drastic event inhibit me to understand about Internet safety?

 I had a peaceful week, I just started climbing the ladder of vocabulary and Understanding Internet.

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