Saturday, 2 May 2015


For the past four weeks we had a bustling life at campus with lots of new people to meet and lots of exciting things happening.

 Every Sunday we go swimming. It has been a lot of fun. I know swimming but i know only the basic. My stroke is not completely smooth and i am still perfecting the breathing and the stroke. I just practice, take tips from my parents and freaked out in the pool. I can feel and see a significant improvement in my stroke. Also with my brother I play in the pool. Swimming was one highlight of the summer and of course the ice cream after the swim.
I did Madhubani painting. It was a very peaceful experience. I enjoyed composing the painting and working with focus on one thing.
I explored making natural paints. I did some research and then tried. I tried making with flowers,berries and earth. I was successful in making brown but failed to make colours with flowers. I felt disappointed but it was an interesting experience and i want to learn more on how to make natural colours.
Fatima akka has a lot of knowledge on plants, along her side i did kitchen gardening and i learned a lot of techniques to make my garden more efficient. I am very satisfied with the work i did and am very excited for the days to come.
I took responsibility of the kitchen for the all the four weeks. At first I took the whole responsibility on my shoulders. For the first two weeks i was always worried for the food. Most of my day I spent in the kitchen looking over things. Then I realized what I am doing. For the next two weeks things went unruffled. Also I was able to give space to my other team members and share the work equally. Things went much smoother and i was able to do lot more things. Overall i enjoyed doing the responsibility and got the hang of it.
As part of campus training I did First Aid Training. I really enjoyed cause it was a completely new topic and I learned lots of things. I took care of the first aid of the community for one week resulting me to get a practical training of all the theory i read
I did glass paining for the first time. It was a new technique and paint for me. I relished painting.
I learned how to find a tree's height. I learned the math from my father. I spend time with trees, I measures the height,age and identified the tree. I researched about the tree. Then I sat under a tree and drew a tree. I liked associating with the tree.
One very nice thing was I met lots of new people, made new friends and learned from them. I felt nice to connect with different people. I braided some of my friends hair and we had a jolly time together doing hairstyles. I learned to make artifacts from coconut leaves, it was an interesting craft. I learned about dog breeding. I did embroidery and learned some new stitches. I did land art, I made Yin Yang out of stones and did many other things with others and learned small things from others which i will always keep with me. One fun thing was playing badminton, cricket,frisbee and other games in the evening. Also the thought clubs were very fruitful for me.
I got bitten by pepper, our dog while handling him, it was a mistake from my side. I was a little overconfident while handling him and got paid for that. It was a practical test for my first aid training. Finally everything is fine.
Every Friday I went to Sandesh, I had lot of fun there. I started opening more and doing more things there.

I had a magnificent summer and i really freaked out.

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