Thursday, 21 May 2015

Kitchen Gardening

"Plants are babies, if you give them nurture them well, they will
grow happily and with laughter(woh haste haste ugenge). If you neglect them and not give them enough care they will cry and droop".
This was told to me by Fatima Akka. Fatima akka comes from the village to work in campus. She is my mentor and team member in cultivating the vegetable garden at campus. She has so much of wisdom on how to grow plants and she is my teacher.

The last two weeks have been fabulous. Everyday in the morning I worked in the garden. How beautiful the garden looks now.

I learnt some basic techniques on how to cultivate any plant and how to nurture them well. I really enjoyed working in the garden. Sometimes I work along with akka, observed how she is doing and ask her questions. Sometimes I worked by myself, trying things and implementing my knowledge. The only bad thing was at times it was really sunny and it was seeping my energy.

We have grown lots of different vegetables in the garden and I am really excited and optimistic. We were able to reboot some previously planted plants which were crying for attention.

The heavens also seem to be happy, every alternate day it blesses the garden with rain. All the hard work is paying off and I am happy.  Every evening when I go to water the garden I feel nice and Its so good to see the plants growing. Some parts of the garden look like a mini farm or field.
To reach this stage after many rounds of failing in the past because for various reasons is very holistic. I am able to see why I failed in the past and what were the reasons for the vegetables not to grow.

When I look around in the garden I can see the plants laughing happily.

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