Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Sustainability challenges #Falling Sick

I fell sick this week, the normal sore throat, cold and stuff but even a simple cold can bring you really down.

When the pain in my throat was torturing me, the thought of skipping my natural healing routine and taking an allopathy tablet for instant relief crossed my mind multiple times.
 I know all the problems with Allopathy medicines , how the industry is in run for our money and so they sabotage our bodies with chemicals to give us instant relief but not really reliving our bodies from the viruses and other things.

 In theory and ethics its all clear and perfect but when it comes to practical application it is an uphill climb. It been a challenge for me stick with only natural health care for the past 3 years, especially when the menstrual cramps kick in, the mind cries for relief from the pain or when I am on a fruit diet for days and the stomach has no signs of healing any time soon. 

Another thought that crosses my mind is that right now its small, a cold, a cough, a fever and maximum I have gone to is Jaundice. What will happen to my values when I have a major health problem, will I still decline the benefits of modern medicine? Will I still stick to natural health care?What will I believe in?

Here I think the major challenge I face is the lack of knowledge, I find it comical that to take care of my body, its health and hygiene I have to depend on a doctor, why don't I have the ability to do that. I feel deprived of the wisdom to care for my body, especially the common illness, I do not know what to eat when I am passing lot of gas or how to prevent diseases in my life or other simple, natural and daily life things that I can to do lead a healthier life.

Why am I not educated and given access to the knowledge that will help me be a better person, rather I made dependable on one system, the modern medicine which requires me to have a good bank balance, when really I can do so much within my kitchen.

The other challenge is the 100 of theories. Like fashion, the science on health care keeps bringing up new theories, today eating one teaspoon of cinnamon powder can reduce risk of cancer but after few weeks it says actually eating dark chocolate is better.
Ayurveda says don't drink water first thing in the morning, Naturopathy asks you to drink plenty of water. arrgggg I am so confused. I am also yearning to gain proper and authentic knowledge, that will enable me to continue my daily life but not depend on the system for health care.

Whenever I fall sick or feel something wrong in my body, my ability to understand it, care for it and  my will power to heal naturally is challenged. To me sustainability is not just about going green but really connecting with every aspect of my life.

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