Thursday, 15 March 2018

What is a healthy body image?

When I ask myself do I have a healthy body image. The first answer comes to me is yes, over the years I have been able to build a healthy relationship with my beauty. I have no problem with the way I look, even though people comment on the hair between my eyebrows or of having lots of pimples/marks on the face. I simply refuse to make something perfect for others, something that naturally appears on me. I despite make up and don't understand why women go through the pain of waxing.

But as I feel good about loving my body the way it is , I question myself. Do I really have a complete acceptance for my body. Are my thoughts still clouded by stereotypes and taboo about women?
I have a reached a stage where I need to question some images of myself and my body on the next level, beyond perfect white teeth and fat thighs.

Since I don't wax, I feel insecure and embarrassed to wear sleeveless or short dresses that show my legs, Why so?
Not wearing a bra is so much more comfortable but I feel so conscious of my breasts showing that I never go out of my house without a bra, Why so?
If unknowingly a bra strap is showing, or a little cleavage or maybe a little stomach. Why do I feel embarrassed.
When I am travelling, drying my undergarments or mensuration pads in the open makes we feel shy and I many times hide them using a towel ?

Yes it's my body and I should protect it, but from what and whom, women covered head to toe also are raped then does my clothing change things, I am wondering.....................

Yes, I am unique but at the end of the day its a body like others. Why do I feel embarrassed to be who I am am?

I have a dislike towards cameras and selfies, I dislike seeing myself on a video/photo or audio, but I ask myself why? I ask what is wrong with the beautiful curves and spots on my body and my unusual smile?

I am wondering what is a healthy body Image .............

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