Thursday, 15 March 2018

Why am I a change-maker?

At times I feel overwhelmed with the current situation of our society and earth, I feel angry and disturbed, I don't understand why there are so many problems. I feel we are an inordinate society because we have gender inequality, caste discrimination, animal violence, nature destruction, pollution, climate change, exploitation based on religion, addiction to drugs, disconnection from people, stuck on mobile phones, consumerism and so on and so forth. I feel so hopeless sometimes, I wonder why I am born in a generation where we are so disconnected from nature and our people.
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I recently started watching the documentary, History of the earth in 2 hours. It begins with the Big Bang and ends in the present. I find the history of the earth very fascinating, how everything is so mysterious, gigantic and long. How we as humans as just a tiny part in the cosmic life of the earth. How millions years ago, plants decayed to become the coal we use today, how because grass grew apes evolved to humans and so many other things that happened over a period of long time

So really the slogan , "Save Mother Earth or Save the planet" is really not true, It really "save our human race, Save the planet to save yourself and your grandchildren". The earth has faced so many harsh conditions in the past and can find ways to bounce back in the future. It survived a ice-age, a mass extinction and other stuff. Sometimes I wonder why I am fighting for sustainability and social justice rather let mankind die in its doom for I trust the earth to figure her way out of the damage we leave her with.

Also if I see the history of Mankind, man has also gone through lots of phases and every generation has had its own set of problems and struggles. Every decade, every period in mankind life, has battled with problems, every age has had change-makes, like somebody must have changed the way cavemen live to make them farmers, Gandhi and many others solved their way through the freedom struggle and demanded for change. Some women got together to get their right for voting, The industrial revolution came to be to  solve problems, to improve life quality and to bring change, and so in the present time we are fighting and bringing change against the injustice happening to the planet and its people.

After all whether I like it or not, one day the human civilization will die, the earth will get finished, whether we protect the nature or not. For everything is continuously evolving and changing. Even with this realization, I have the fire to bring change, to give my contribution in moving to a direction that I believe is better that right now. I end with the realization that my intention is pure and so would have been of the person who brought green revolution.....

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