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Simple Alternatives to chemical personal care products

Simple Alternatives to chemical personal care products.

Use Datoon ( tree twig)  - Neem, Meswak, jamun, Babul, Mango,
Use natural toothpowders
Use salt water
Make paste of guava leaves and brush

Soap : It’s a myth that we need to use soap everyday.
Bajra flour with sesame seeds oil or coconut oil
Multani mitti
Grandmother's recipe - malai and gram flour

Cream : If you use a soap that doesn't remove your natural oil, you don't quite need a lotion.

Oil - Doing a oil massage before bathing and then having a warm water bath without soap and rubbing yourself gently. Or massage yourself before sleep

Malai : scrubbing malai and little milk and then letting it dry and rubbing it off before bathing.

Alovera gel is amazing for your skin
Using fresh Alovera gel on your skin is the best

Cream recipe: Mix 50 per cent aloe vera gel with 25t per cent glycerine and 25 per cent coconut oil and use as a moisturising cream for skin. If you use natural aloe gel, then it can also be used as a hair pack. Wash off with some natural shampoo after an hour. You can make a regular use cream with packaged gel also. Use it at night, because glycerine makes it sticky -- not very suitable for daytime outdoors. For day time, apply liberally and wash off after some time, then wear plain aloe gel. - Credits of recipe - APARNA PALLAVI

Shampoo: For shampoo, one can use many combinations to wash hair.
Combine an ingredient that removes oil and an ingredient that enriches it.

Oil removing: Shikakai, Reetha and Multani Mitti
Enriching: Amla, Hibiscus leaves and flower, Aloe Vera, Henna, curry leaves, rice water, curd, lemon juice

Simple way is get the herbs fresh and grind in you mixie and add reetha liquid or shikakai powder.

Anti dandruff and lice : Neem, Aloevera, Vinegar, Onion juice, Sitaphal seeds, fenugreek seeds powder

Most common combination: Amla, reetha and shikakai

Lip balm : Ghee, malai or oil
Or any organic or natural lip balm.

Hair oil: Use pure oil - Summers coconut. In winters til, amla, almond. Even if you buy parachute oil, don't buy the ones scented. At home boil curry leaves in coconut oil, strain and store

Make up: Simple solution do not use:).
Kajal can be made at home. In a diya burn coconut oil. Above the diya place a steel plate. Let the flame be just above but not touching. Scrap off the black from the dish, mix little ghee or coconut oil to solidify.

Perfume: Use essential oils, rose water. Boil dried flowers in distilled water or coconut/almond oil.

Laundry : Aritha

Washing machine:In a muslin white cloth put 4-6 reetha seeds and put in machine along with clothes.

Hand wash: Soak clothes in warm water and 8 to 10 aritha seeds. Soak for at least 2hrs
Or make a reetha liquid and soak clothes. Note: Do not soak white and light clothes in reetha. Soak clothes in warm water and later use 1:1 water and reetha liquid to wash.

One can also purchase desi clothes washing bars from the local market.

To remove stains: soak clothes in 1/3 cup of lemon juice and 2/3 cup of water.

To make aritha liquid, Either pressure cook reetha seeds in water for 1 whistle or soak the seeds in boiling water over night and crush seeds and filter.

Washing vessels: Reetha liquid, shikakai powder, Ash, red mud, lemon, tamarind, dried orange peel powder

Washing bathrooms and homes: Reetha liquid, shikakai powder,

Bio enzymes - Replace all cleaners and washing powders:

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