Friday, 1 June 2018

World Environment Day

I consider myself an Earth Activist and I hold deep value in sustainability.
Not the kind of activist who goes out on the streets protesting for climate change but the kind that takes steps in her own life to bring change and spread awareness of how as an individual in our everyday lives we can contribute to a better world for ourselves.

I remember participating in drawing contests on environment day, the school bulletin would be filled with beautiful posters saying save trees, save water or save mother earth. I would be so happy to see my poster among the many and proud that I am not contributing to damaging the earth.
Apart from closing the tap when I was brushing, my 8 year old brain just couldn't understand how was I suppose to save the planet and I would tell myself, "you never cut a tree so that means you are saving the planet".

But was I really contributing to a better world?

Of course I had never cut a tree and maybe most of the population on earth would never have to cut a tree with their own hands but that doesn't mean we all are aren't contributing to the injustice to the planet and it's people. The fact that my everyday actions, the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the house I live in and things I use are impacting the world, is something that no one was able to tell me.

To me save Mother Earth actually means "dude save your ass". Save the planet so human kind can continue to live on earth for many years. Stop looking at nature as a resource, a way to make money so that your grandchildren can also cherish this beautiful earth.

For every time I use shampoo from a plastic bottle, I am adding to the landfills, polluting our water, putting chemicals on my body and the nice lady who made this shampoo is not going be able to even afford to buy her own shampoo bottle.

And these underline stories apply for everything I use pens, clothes, electronics, toothbrush, etc.  It is just that I never bothered knowing the story behind the "save the planet"and now that I do, I am wishing to spread the story far and wide.

Ironically on the 5th of June which is world environment day I am flying in a Airplane. The most unsustainable mode of transport. I will not lie to you, I slip sometimes and do actions that I know are harming the planet and its people. There are challenges that come with wanting to live a simple and sustainable life in a world of fast growing technology and development.

To me, World environment day is a reminder of the horrors human kind has caused in the world and how I can bring change by being a conscious consumer and citizen of the Earth.

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