Wednesday, 18 April 2018


The word Boyfriend had become so meaningless and frivolous. The image that media and movies have created around a love relationship makes me feel disgust and slowly around me I see it become reality. At one point of time, in my teenage days even I used fantasize on proposals, dates, candle light and other unnecessary things that spend our money and effort only to give temporary happiness.

I feel so blessed to be able to experience love beyond the surface level. I am so glad I found someone who looks beyond being romantic in a relationship.

What I experience is actually a relationship of deep friendship.  
A person with whom my relationship is defined by trust and acceptance.

I find so beautiful that out relationships means having meaningful conversations, stay connected to each other life journeys,  spend time together, discuss our interests and really enjoy each other's company.

It does not mean going on dates, getting artificially dressed for each other or sending flirty texts.

Valentines day makes no sense to us nor does buying presents on our anniversary. Its not just about saying I love you but showing it through our actions of care.

I wonder what sense does posting status on Facebook or taking selfies on Instagram make. To whom other than him do I need to prove my love. For who's happiness is this relationship for?

He has taught me so much and continues to do so, I truly believe that even though we are opposites we balance out each other.

By his simple act of accepting me for who I am , I don't have to put any mask in front of him. I can truly be who I am and we can be just two friends out there to be together and support each other.

I think I have been able to truly discover love with him, beyond the romantic proposals, dates, gifts and text's.

To me the word Boyfriend is about love and compassion. Is about making handmade gifts for him, is about going for workshop and doing things together and is about going beyond the surface level. It means to create space for each other to be an individual. Long distance relationship is hard but it's totally worth it.

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  1. Am in awe ..awe struck..and then i take a breath ,and think of your father a radiant being ,pulsating goodness,and your moms strong presence and am beaming with a heart full of love and pride :)