Wednesday, 11 April 2018

My own room #KabbadseJuggad

It began with an opportunity to have my own room for a temporary period of 2 months. As I live in a community in a dormitory setting, Its been years since I have stayed alone in a room. Like a little child excitement grew in me to discover the wonders of staying alone in a room.

The inner spirit of creativity awoke as I sat in the room, but along with that was the ever present value of sustainability. And so began my small journey of personalizing my room for the 2 months. 

It really all began with a problem, actually I am lying when I say that I live alone, I have rats and squirrels who live with me on the bamboo and grass roof. Now as long as they are staying with me, there is no issue but when my rat friends climb down the roof to eat my food and even my toiletries like soap there is a huge problem. So I made my room such that gives them no reason to climb down. Live and let live!

I found a rusted and dented metal box, that I renovated it to store things I don't want my rats friends to see. :)

After making this, I got inspired to make more things for my room.

I went hunting around the campus I stay in to find discarded things I can use, I found a thermocol piece and a cut glass bottle, which I converted into a organizer for my things. 

It is joyous to make things out of junk, and my sustainability soul is also in peace. 

But the challenge I faced in this is I used paint and fevicol. I know they have many chemicals in them and have an impact on me and the environment. I haven't done my research on the same but this thought occurred to me on how sustainable can I make up-cycling?

Pictures of some more things I made

Symbol of wisdom

Paper mache vase
What I really cherish is, that I live in a beautiful campus, with amazing nature and people. It nice to live in a community of people, yet have a room of my own. The peaceful room has given me motivation to do practices for myself. 

What a wonderful view to wake up in the morning!


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