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Movie reviews - Padman and Padmavati

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Recently I saw two movies and would like to share with you my thoughts on it.

Padmavati :
The over-dramatic, elegant and sophisticated movie by Sanjay Bhansali is a one time watch. The costumes, sets, music and filming is elaborate and elegant. The acting in amazing, especially by Ranvir Singh.

The one thought that accorded to me when I stepped out of the theater was, Its all about the desire and power. Whether in the history or in the current times we humans are driven by lust for sex, desire for power and the image of being the best. Though Maharaja Ratan Singh(husband of Padmavati) is portrayed as the "good king" in the movie, in my opinion he was also driven by lust, desire and above all reputation to self and the kingdom. Doesn't this make Ratan Singh not much different from Alauddin khaji, he just did the same thing in a more virtues and ethical way. What about Ratan Singhs first wife? Does she have no dignity?

One of my friends watching the movie with me commented "Aditi Rao is also as beautiful as Deepika and I am sure in real Begum Mehrunissa would have also been a beautiful women." It got me thinking , how we have stereotyped beauty. How we have created a certain definition of beauty. How "someone" decided what is beauty, the women go crazy trying to be that beautiful women and men go crazy to possess that beauty. I feel so disgusted to know that women are objects of pleasure to men, now or in history.

As I see it human desire hasn't change over decades, it just has taken new forms. We fight, hurt each other, cheat and feel jealous ,we may not be fighting weapon wars but we are fighting emotional and mental wars in our every day life because of our the notion that men are superior and they should posses power especially women


An inspiring movie and meaningful movie, The movie is well made. It is focused on the content of the movie and hasn't got distracted or dramatic. The topic of mensuration is something that is important to discuss on.  With a touch of humor, I really enjoyed watching this movie. 

Some may say that the movie is putting down traditional practices of managing periods and some may say its not spreading message of sustainable mensuration practices. As a person who practices using cloth for managing my blood, I found the movie giving a much needed perspective to the society. Hidden in the dialogues and in the story are so many meaningful thoughts, Celebrating when a girl comes to age and gets her first puberty, the reality of intensity it is taboo for women in India and they way its a "women problem" and men want/have nothing to do with it. The movie also shows the power of dedication and hard-work. The power of trial and error.

What was also awesome for me was that I saw this movie in theater all alone. For the first time I went to the theater alone to watch a movie. I was fearful of going alone to the theater because I am a girl and had these notions in my head. I am not saying I shouldn't be alert and take certain precautions but it was empowering for me to take this step. 

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